Orc 57 – Simple by nature, fast by design



ORC57 for charter in Greece by Fastsailing

A real turbo charged performance catamaran. Just 13tons of displacement powered with a sail area of 161m2 upwind and 422m2 downwind! High performance guaranteed: Square top main, J1, J2, J3, Code0, 2 spinnakers.

Sober but functional amenities with a wide protected cockpit, a spacious saloon, 4 double cabins, two bathrooms plus two exterior crew single cabins.

The ORC 57 is available for charter from our Lavrio base with a permanent professional crew (skipper + hostess). In early November will leave for a double transatlantic, returning again to Greece next April.

Fastsailing customers can join us for the transatlantic crossings.

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Designed by Marc Lombard the ORC57 is extremely light weight with a generous sail plan resulting to a sail area/displacement that is amongst the highest in the performance catamarans category.


ORC57 cockpit for charter in Greece by Fastsailing

Interiors: 4 double cabins + 2 single cabins for crew, 2 WCs with shower, hot water, full kitchen, fridge, storage, excellent ventilation

Deck: Large and unobstructed cockpit, cockpit shower, large trampoline areas

A comfortable catamaran can be really fast and does not have to be a….floating caravan!


ORC57 winches for charter in Greece by Fastsailing

Absolute safety. Sail relaxed, feel and be safe at all times, no compromise on that! Safety comes from 5 basic characteristics: Robust structure, Stability, Unsinkability, Offshore design, Speed potential and Active safety systems

Robust structure:

  • Hulls reinforced both longitudinally and transversally
  • All bulkheads are structurally integrated
  • Extra reinforcement on highly stressed areas of hull and deck (winches, rudder pits, engine etc.)
  • Topconstruction quality


  • Great reserve of righting moment.


  • Buoyancy foam below front and aft cabins
  • Watertight aft and bow crash compartments

Offshore design:

  • CE Cat A – ISO 12217‐2 for Ocean Sailing.

Speed: Being fast is an element of safety per se:

  • reach shelter quickly
  • escape from a weather front

Active safety systems:

  • automatic mainsail sheet release system
  • automatic frontsail sheet release system

Those automatic systems are connected to a sofisticated combination of accelerometer and inclinometer that will intervene before the boat gets into a critical situation from a stability point of view. Such systems were developed for ocean racing multihulls. 

Technical Specifications

Orc 57

Hull,  deck & rigging  
Length overall 18,40m
Max beam 9,05m
Draft 1,65 / 3,30 m
Light displacement 13t
Mast Carbon
Boom Aluminium
Bowsprit Carbon
Steering system  Two carbon tillers
Motor  2 Yanmar 57HP
Propeller  2 three-blade folding


Mainsail 107m²
Jib 1 54m²
Jib 2 36m²
Jib 3 29m²
Gennaker 1 300m²
Gennaker 2 150m²
Asymmetric spinnaker 1 315m²
Asymmetric spinnaker 2 240m²
Gennaker/Code 0 120m²


Interiors / Amenities  
double cabins 4
single bed 2
Kitchen 1
WC with shower 2