Sydney 43 GTS. The IRC racing machine

Sydney43 GTS: A modern IRC racing machine designed by Jason Ker, for true offshore racing, expressing its best in the Aegean Sea!

Lightweight, sturdy, powerful and certainly fast…

With more than a decent level of comfort, which can rarely be found in thoroughbred racers.

Made for the joy of sailing!


Designed for true offshore racing conditions. Plenty of sail area, wide beam for stability, reduced wetted surface, bulb keel, super long bow sprit and …still  with a very good IRC rating …the talented Jason Ker took advantage of every possible hole in the rules….

Enjoy gliding at 8…10…15 kts with ease, comfort and safety. When the wind blows around 30kts, flirting with the 20knot speed level is on the agenda. And in the Cyclades, there is plenty of wind!

This is how it is possible:

Super powered:

  • Sail area /Displacement 2/3 =  29.3 for upwind (D=6.95t, Upwind SA = 109m² )
  • Sail area /Displacement 2/3 = 65.90 for downwind. (D=6.95t,  Downwind SA=240 m²)

Optimized hull:

  • Flat hull shape optimized for planing both upwind and downwind
  • Large beam (4.2m) for form stability
  • 2.75m deep bulb keel

Double digit boat speed sensations are now for everybody!


Interiors are simple but fully functional providing everything a crew of 10 would need. All all the comfort elements are there



  • 3 double cabins,
  • 2 single beds using the saloon sofa
  • 2+2 elevated berths in salon and aft cabins
  • WC with shower & hot water
  • full kitchen, stove, fridge
  • webasto heating


  • 4.20m large beam
  • cockpit shower,
  • low diving platform,
  • sun tent
  • windlass

Sailing fast does not have to be uncomfortable!


Absolute safety. Sail relaxed, feel and be safe at all times, no compromise on that!

Safety comes from 5 basic characteristics: Robust structure, Stability, Unsinkability, Offshore design &  Speed potential

Robust structure:

  • Hull reinforced both longitudinally and transversely
  • All bulkheads are structurally integrated
  • Extra reinforcement on highly stressed areas of hull and deck (winches, rudder pits, engine etc.)
  • Sydney yachts construction quality


  • Very low center of gravity – below the hull. Keel with bulb located close to max draft of 2.75m.
  • High Keel/Displacement ratio
  • Significant righting moment
    • Form stability (4.20m beam compared to ~3.5m in conventional boats of similar length)
    • 2.75m deep keel with bulb

Offshore design:

  • All controls and manoeuvres are cockpit lead.
  • All winches are close to the cockpit’s central axis. The crew does not have to lean towards the yacht’s extremity for monoeuvring
  • No permanently fixed table that can seriously hurt the crew during rough seas
  • Open aft section for immediate drainage in case a wave breaks into the cockpit.
  • Life-raft is stored permanently within the cockpit for immediate access and safe deployment in case of emergency

Speed: Being fast is an element of safety per se:

  • reach shelter quickly
  • escape from a weather front

Technical Specifications

Sydney43 GTS

Hull,  deck & rigging
 Length 13.10m
Max beam 4.20m
Draft 2.75m
Light displacement 6.95t
Mast Carbon
Boom Carbon
Bowsprit Carbon fixed
Steering system Twin wheels
Motor Yanmar 50 HP
Propeller 2-blade folding
Navigation Category  ISO 12217 A – unsinkable


Mainsail 64 m²
Genoa 45 m²
Jib 1, 2, 3, 4 14-34m²
Stormjib 8m²
Asymmetric spinnaker A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 120-195 m²
Gennaker/Code 0 120 m²


Interiors / Amenities
double cabins 3
single beds 6
WC with shower 1