Yacht & Charter Management

At FastSailing we can offer you full yacht management services:

  • Charter management
  • Private yacht preparation, gardiennage and maintenance
  • Racing yacht preparation & training

Charter Management

Through our charter management programme, you can enjoy the yacht of your choice at almost zero cost.

  • No restrictions on the time and period of private use: you can use your yacht for as much and whenever you like during the year
  • Flexible management contract duration: starts with one year and we can extend it. We can even do a brake, for example to go on a Mediterranean tour or a round the world trip
  • No fixed fee for maintenance works and gardiennage: we have every incentive to maximize charter performance
  • We are paid by retaining a % of charter proceeds
  • Regular maintenance costs are born by the owner (marina, insurance, antifouling, engine service)
  • All costs related to chartering are born by Fastsailing (boat preparation, check-in/out, commercialization, expos, reservations etc)
  • All damages/losses done by charter clients are the responsibility of Fastsailing to repair/replace.
  • Free storage space for boat or personal equipment
  • Yacht is ready to sail and clean all the time
  • Very low damage risk: our charter clients are of a high level as sailors and as individuals
  • Excellent technical expertise and care by our team specialized in high performance top quality yachts.

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Private yacht preparation, gardiennage and maintenance

Our team of experts specialized in high performance top quality yachts can take care of your private yacht. We are offering the full range of services.

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Racing yacht preparation & training

We can take care of your racing yacht so that you only spend your free time for racing.

We can also set up a personalized training programme so that you can improve the performance of your yacht.

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