Fast yachts which are truly comfortable: welcome on board the Pogo12.50 and Pogo10.50! Yachts that have been designed for comfort, interior and exterior, for navigation and for mooring. With all the amenities of a classic cruiser, but with superior volume and space.

Take advantage of their huge unobstructed cockpit.

When mooring, set the table, sit comfortably with your friends and enjoy your time. When was the last time you sat around a cockpit table with eight people without kicking somebody, or sending him to sit on a winch because there was not enough place for him?

Sleep comfortably under the stars. Stretch your legs without wrapping a winch or messing about with the helm.

Enjoy your stay at one of the magnificent coves in Greece. Get in and out of the water easily. Store the dingy on the cockpit when cruising and slide it easily in and out of the water when moored in order to go to the little seaside taverna.

At sea, the helmsman and the crew will sit comfortably and protected on the banks, monoeuvre at ease without stepping out of the cockpit.

Enjoy the extra large interiors with marine functionality and minimal design style. Thanks to their very large beam of 4.5m (3.90 for the Pogo10.50) there is pleeenty of interior space, which can normally be found into cruisers that are at least 10ft longer. Plenty of light, ventilation and super nice views to the water from the side windows.

Sailing fast does not have to be uncomfortable!

  • Pogo 10.50 interior
  • Pogo12.50 interior
  • Pogo 12.50 Kitchen and Double sliding bed
  • Right aft port side cabin Pogo12.50
  • Generously comfortable
  • Kitchen Pogo12.50
  • Generously comfortable
  • Pogo 12.50 Cruising generously comfortable © Elias Lefas
Pogo 12.50 Cockpit layout
Pogo 12.50 interior night view
Pogo 12.50 Interior Layout
Pogo 10.50 Cockpit layout
Pogo 10.50 Interior layout