The Yachts proudly offers for charter in Greece exceptional yachts that take cruising at another level:

  • The Pogo 12.50, awarded European Yacht of the Year 2012
  • The Pogo 10.50, awarded Yacht of the Year 2009
  • The Pogo40, a class40 boat
  • The SIG45, Most innnovative boat 2012 US editors' choice
  • The Pogo50, (New, starting 2016!)

They are modern, fully innovative cruising-racing yachts derived from oceanic sailing for fast, easy, comfortable and safe navigation. Pogos and SIG45 were designed by the multi-victorious in oceanic races Finot-Conq and VPLP naval architects respectively. They are constructed at the renown for its quality boats Structures and Indiana Yachting naval yard respectively. They can be sailed smoothly by an average sailor at double-digit speeds that were previously unimaginable!

Finot-Conq and VPLP successfully transferred the oceanic experience from IMOCA 60, Class 40 and Mini 650 and multihull world record yachts into cruising:

  • yachts hydrodynamicaly optimized,
  • almost twice as fast when compared to equal size cruisers,
  • more stable,
  • very simple and easy to handle even by a one or two crew members, and
  • most importantly very safe.

They offer very high levels of interior and exterior comfort:

  • very wide cockpit with banks,
  • voluminous cabins,
  • W.C. and hot-water facilities,
  • fully operational kitchen,
  • cockpit shower
  • hi-fi…

Capable of sailing in just in 3-4 knots of true wind speed, theys will start to plane in 10-12 knots of wind. While most boats rarely reach 10 knots of boat speed, you will often find yourself sailing at this cruising speed. Furthermore, you will regularly be sailing at 15 knots with ease, in perfect comfort and great safety!

The seaworthiness and simplicity of the Pogos and the SIG offer the absolute sailing pleasure!

  • SIG45 sailing fast
  • Pogo 10.50 reaching
  • Pogo50 FastSailing reaching
  • Pogo 10.50 Under Spi © mateo photo
  • Pogo10,50 racing
  • Pogo12.50 in beautiful weather © Andreas Lindlahr
  • SIG 45 Fastsailing reaching
  • pogo50 Fastsailing reaching2
Pogo 12.50 Cruising relaxed upwind © Andreas Lindlahr
SIG45 Fastsailing
Pogo50 Fastsailing mooring
Pogo 10.50 near the beach © Mateo Photo
Pogo40 Fastsailing class40 for charter
Pogo 12.50 Cruising relaxed cruising sitting on bowsprit © Andreas Lindlahr
Pogo 10.50 downwind with gennaker © Mateo Photo